Our safe post and rail fencing, our irrigated pastures and our attention to detail make Mogumber Park the perfect place to send your valuable racehorse, either straight from the sales or whenever they need a break to recuperate from the pressures of racing.

Horses are fed 2 hard feeds a day, plus hay, and we will feed as much as we need to return your horse to the trainer in the very best of condition.

Agistment price list


Agistment/Fees (per day):

  • Weanling: $24.50
  • Yearling: $23.50
  • Racehorse: $23.00
  • Non-preg Mare: $23.00
  • Preg Mare: $23.50
  • Mare and Foal: $27.00
  • Mare and Foal Box: $37.50
  • Box: $33.00
  • Yearling Prep: $67.50
  • Pre-Training: $55.00

(all prices GST exclusive)

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